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sms365 believe in customer satisfaction as a topmost priority above anything and everything. We’re a couple of dedicated individuals striving hard to deliver bulk SMS service at best rates ever possible without compromising the quality. By working with  Valued Customers all over India ranging from Start-ups, Individual Entrepreneurs, Educational Institutions, Government Organizations & some of the Blue Chip companies in India, we have made  Solutions for every customer looking for Corporate level SMS services. Bulk SMS has become a MUST Advertising tool in India to promote business. Avail bulk SMS services to achieve maximum profits. Be it Bulk SMS for marketing (or) group SMS (or) transactional SMS, we have the most user-friendly interface in the industry integrated with our cutting-edge modern technologies to meet your needs. Our SMS API’s are easy to integrate with any application, irrespective of the Platform you’re using. Above all, there are no setup charges for API or for anything other than the SMS you consume.

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SMS365   Cheapest Rates
Bulk SMS I Promotional Route Or Transactional Route
( High Priority ) With Excel Plugin
Credits Validity Rate + GST(18%) = Final Rate
25 SMS Trial 30 Days Free
5,000 Unlimited     1150 + 207 = 1357 /-
10,000 Unlimited    1750 + 315 = 2065 /-
25,000 Unlimited    4,000 + 720 = 4720 /-
50,000 Unlimited    7,000 + 1260 = 8260 /-
1 Lakh Unlimited         13,000 + 2340 = 15,340 /-
2 Lakh Unlimited          25,000 + 4500 = 29,500 /-
5 Lakh Unlimited            58,500 + 10530 = 69,030 /-

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